Saturday, June 22, 2013

How to: Eyeshadow mistakes

Do you ever wonder how do makeup artist or girls with makeup skills know how to blend so well? Ever wonder why your eyeshadow doesn't come out the way you want it to because the colors went everywhere on the lid? Well here's a few eyeshadow mistakes that are come and how you could avoid it.

First mistake is not having a blending brush. Standard blending brush is a small, very soft fluffy brush meant to
only blend and extend the color of your eye shadow. So having that will help if you wanted to blend two colors together seamlessly.

Another mistake is not having two blending brushes. When applying color to the lid you want to make sure that you apply a blending transition color and then with another clean blending brush, will allow you to blend out any harsh lines created.

Next mistake is the outer corner mess. You know what I mean. Especially with darker colors in the outer corners you would want a clean crisp line. Not only does that lift you eyes but it looks professionally done. You could use tape and place them on the outer corners before eyeshadow application. Or take a cuttip and makeup remover and just wipe it going up towards the end of the brows and violaa your BEAT!

Last is knowing the eye shape. From monolids to wideset eyes, you could learn so many tricks. Like how to contour to create perfect cut creased eyes and how to shape your brows. So knowing that you could get nice with your eyeshadow application.

Quick tip- Always highlight the inner corners and brow bone no matter what eye shape because it will make your eyes look lifted, wide awake and appear larger.

My Nail Design for the week I thought would be cool to show

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