Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Glitter Overload!!!!

Glitter is such a fun way to show off your style and creativity. On the flip side a lot of us don't know how to use glitter or find the proper grain of glitter that will be cosmetic safe. I'm talking Glitzy, Bold, shimmer on 2.0 looks that you see the creative makeup artists achieve. I thought it would be fun to show different ways you could wear glitter, what types of glitter to use and how to get glitter to stay on. It could be very funky and fun to spice up a simple look with just a pop of glitter.

First lets start off with what kind of glitter that is makeup safe 
Fine loose glitter made up of acrylic not metal.

Now different ways to keep your glitter in place
Any eye Lash Glue
Any Clear Lip Gloss
L.A Splash Eye Primer
Sally Girl Glitter Adhesive
Lit Cosmetics Glitter Adhesive

Some of My Favs
Lit Cosmetic Glitters
Hobby Lobby Glitter stacks
NYX Glitter liners
Sally Girls Glitters
Mac Glitter Reflects
L.A Splash Glitters

These are just some brands to name a few that are cosmetic safe for the face.

Here is a lavender glitter with reflects of pink on my lips achieved with the hobby lobby Glitters.

Now a copper neutral glitter eye look achieved with Bitch Slap Cosmetics Glitter Stacks on the eyelid

Glitter could be used all kinds of ways as long as it is cosmetic glitter.

So play up your looks with a little Badazzle fun!!!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

blush 101

Verb. redden-flush-colour-color
Noun. flush-redness-glow

When women think about blush, they often assume bright pink or red. Which could be scary at first but if applied correctly, could be very complementing to the face. Blush could be intensified for a bold look, or sheered for a natural flush. You could use different shades of colors related to the affect of flushing of the cheeks, not just pinks or reds. Blush is suppose to give color back to the skin along with contour and bronzing.

With blush and contouring, its good to know the build or structure of your face. Target is to apply on top contour. To get a contour in the right place is to look for the hollows of your cheeks. Blush would be placed at the apple of your cheeks which is when your cheeks rise when you smile. If applied just right, could look very classic.

Accurate blush application for face shape

Women get scared of blush because they assume it would be too much but in essences when picking the right colors, could really pull together the look your trying to achieve. When picking blush colors, you would want to look for a color that would be very flattering to your skin tone.

Picking the perfect pop of color for your skin tone
Fair skin tones- Pale pinks, corals
Medium skin tones- Oranges, Corals, Pinks
Deep skin tones- Oranges are perfect, purples and reds

Types of really good blushes
Elf studio line Cream Blushes
Bh Cosmetics Blush Palette
Coastal Scents Blush and Blush too palettes
La Femme Powder Blushes
NYX Powder Blushes
Mac Powder Blushes

My favorite Blushes
Illamasquas Powder Blush in Excite Purrtiest orange ever!!!!
Nyx Powder Blush in Cinnamon
Coastal Scents Blush Too Palette lavander color and orange color of course!!
La Femme Powder Blush in Purple Passion
Sugar Pill Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Flame Point, Love +, Poison Plum

Fun Trick For a much bolder look, using blush as contour. It could give off a very unique high end look and also drag queens favorite..... Loove Drag Queens!!!

I always go for orange blush for my looks

Add a nice of a pop of color!!!

On Lips:Actual color of Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in Backstage Bambi

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Face of The Night

Sugarpills Poison Plum on the outer corners of the lid
Mac Skin Finish in dark all over lid
Red cherry #101

Sugar pills Poison Plum
Physicians Formula Shimmer Gel Liner Stacks for Brown eyes

Pretty purple lilac lips achieved with Llamasquas Intense Lip gloss in Fierce
Viva Glam Nicki 2 Lip Glass in center of bottom lip

Bitchslap Cosmetics Highlighter in 24K
Kat Von D Lock it tattoo foundation 70 and Makeup Forever Mat Velvet Foundation 75 mixed
Mac Mineralized Skin Finish in Deep Dark
Ben Nye Banana powder
Make Up Forever Full coverage concealer in #14

All achieved with my makeup 101 series steps


Instagram Collage creation

Have a Goodnight ladies..

Lets talk about Blush NEXT....

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Eyeshadow 101

"The eyes are the windows to the soul"


Eye shadow is another way of expression. You could tell a lot about a look by looking at the eye makeup. If I'm feeling neutral, I'd go for a little bit of face powder on the lids with lashes and white eyeliner on the waterline. Colorful looks are more of what some may think could be too dramatic but I think its another way expressing ones style rather than a neural eye look.

Types of shadow textures

Now what are considered neutral shades
 Skin tone colors such as Browns and Beiges

 Good nuetral palettes
Urban Decay Naked Palettes
Urban Decay Naked Basics
Bh Cosmetics Neutral Palette
Lorac Pro Palettes

Neutral shades could be left alone for a more natural look or blended with colors as transitions for a smooth well blended dramatic look.

We all have oily lids so when we do eye shadows without any of those steps below, your eye shadow won't last or remain as vibrant as you did it in the morning. Have you ever brought an eye shadow that looks really vibrant in the pan but once you put it on you lids it doesn't look as nice, that's because you need a base.

How to get eye shadows to look more pigmented and to not crease or fade.
First step is to use a eye primer to get the eye shadows to last and not crease or fade though out the day.

Great Eye Primers
ELF Mineral Eye Primer
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Urban Decay Primer Potions
Mac Paint Pots

Next after applying the primer to the lid, use a white base or a colored base so the shadows colors could stick and appear more vibrant.

  Good Bases
Mac's Paintpots could be used as a primer and a base and it allows the shadows to stay vibrant throught the day
NYX Jumbo Pencil in milk is a white colored base that allows the colors to appear better
Gel Liners are good because they lay on the lid to allow the eyeshadows to stick to it better
Maybelline Color Tattoos comes in all types of colors and are pigmented on their own also claimed to be dupes for Mac's Paintpots

Ok Now Great brands to buy eyeshadows
Inglot Cosmetic
Bh Cosmetics
Coastal Scents
Mac Cosmetics
Urban Decay
Wet n Wild
Sugarpill Cosmetics
Lime Crime Cosmetics
 Bitch Slap Cosmetics

I have a ton of neutral looks soo let's see my Dramatic look using the steps I mentioned above. From a neutral transition color that allows a cleaner well blended look.

Create looks that complement 
your style!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

My Banner

Soo I created this blog from scratch. I want to show the process of how I created my banner and the way it use to look to how it looks now!!!!!

Cool right!!!

                                      Guess that graphic design class in college payed off lol!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Must Have Products in Makeup collection series

Some of the women I talk to who start to get into makeup, wants to know where to start at building a makeup collection. Now unless you could afford to go to a makeup counter which is usually high-end, you could get your makeup fully done and test out your product with experienced makeup artists. That could run your pocket empty. Most of us have to live with in our means but still look high-end. I'm going to give a few suggestions and really awesome quality budget friendly makeup brands to start out with in this series.

We all start out buying things and not knowing what to do or how to use it. Then we get upset because we never end up using what we brought from the results of not knowing what to buy. I'm going to suggest what to buy and what to look for when buying makeup for a well put together everyday look.

What to look in first time getting makeup at a drugstore 
Setting powder or translucent powder to match the foundation
Color brightening concealer not just concealer because drugstores concealers are not very good!!
Brown and gold eye shadow for every brand or shimmer shadows because drugstore matte shadows are always less pigmented
Brow pencils

Through out these series of topics, I will discuss what to look for in drugstore makeup and a happy addition to your makeup collection. Bare in mind, of course not all of us will have the same results with these products. It still good to try to see what works best for your skin. I will still finish off my makeup 101 series but in between this series.

Lets Start it out with foundations..

Good drugstore Foundations

L'Oreal True Match Super Bendable Foundation

Great undertone system, Awesome color range, Medium to full coverage

Revlon Color Stay Foundation

Dupe for Mac most popular foundation, Full coverage, Decent color range

Cover-girl Queen Collection oil-free Moisturizing foundation

Women of color friendly, Light-weight

Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse Foundation

Full Coverage, Very Bendable

Black Opal Stick Foundation

Women of color friendly, Full Coverage

Will update because I haven't tried them all but this is a great start. Stick around for this series for all makeup starters.

Recent Instagram Creation!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

# Fav Brand Rave on BH Cosmetics


Great High quality makeup for makeup artist and beginners at an affordable price. BH cosmetics is a go to Brand for all makeup artist and makeup lovers. I have Bh cosmetics in my makeup kit and personal makeup collection. They also have awesome sales weekly with combined offers and individual offers. Great for starting up makeup kits.

BH cosmetics offers
High Quality affordable makeup brushes
High Quality affordable makeup palettes like, concealer, blush, eye shadow palettes
Great Wide color range of high quality affordable foundations
Great Primers
Fast Low Shipping and Handling

Please Click the top image to be directed to the site for all kinds of sales being offered daily.

120 Color Palette 1st Edition

One of the many palettes I own from Bh cosmetics is the 120 color Palette 1st Edition.

Product Pros
2 layers of Gorgeous colors
high pigmentation
Very affordable
Nice Sleek cover palette travel friendly

There are many 120 palettes but I find Bh cosmetics 120 palettes are more of the high quailty ones that I happen to prefer, with a few other great brands, over the other 120 palettes being sold.

I have created so many looks with this palette and also convenient because of the color range is all in one palette. You could find tons of gorgeous looks on Youtube by searching Bh Cosmetics 120 palette. Also known to be one of the brands best sellers.

Please click on the image of the 120 Palette to see what sale offer they have on it today. Originally sold for $29.95, brought mines for $19.95 and Love it!!!!

Going to see me talk about Bh cosmetics products all the time on here in the future because they just make some very awesome stuff with great deals to match.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Face Of The Night lastnight

Neutral eyes achieved with Mac Mineralized Skin Finishing Powder in Dark across my lid and a little of Sugar Pill Cosmetics flame point on the outer v of lid and waterline Shany Cosmetics Gel Liner in orange
Red Cherry Lashes in #101 of course

Make Up Forever HD Foundation  #178
Nyx Powder Blush in Cinnamon
Mac Prep and Prime Highlighter Pen in Bright Forcast
Bitch Slap Cosmetics Highlighter 24k

Purple brows achieved with  Physicians Formula Shimmer Gel Liner plum color and Sugar Pills Cosmetics poison plum

Mac Cosmetics snob with saint germaine lip glass on top

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

# Haulin it

Im probably the worst when it comes to saving my money because I just went and brought 2 mabelline color sensational lipsticks in brasin berry and pink pop and set of shay cosmetics gel liners that just came in the mail. I havent tried anything out yet but I could tell I'm gonna have some fun with these.

Makeup Setting 101

When first jumping into makeup, everybody including me thinks it is just eye shadow, blush and foundation. Well foundation has a tendency to become very shiny and oily if not set properly. That is where setting your makeup plays a huge part in its longevity. When I do my makeup, I don't want to have to touch up through out the day and a good makeup setting method helps out a lot.

Types of ways to set your makeup 
Powder after foundation
Setting spay applied before and after makeup application

Always powder after foundation. Because of the oils and pores that happen to exist on our faces, any type of  liquid foundation will just blend and create more oils causing the makeup to fade through out the day. When set with powder, the foundation gets locked it to place. This is still recommended for those who have dry skin, just apply to the t zones because that is the area most likely to shine first and the most.

Types of setting powders
Mac Mineralized Skin Finishing Holy Grail!! 
Ben Nye Luxury Powders
Cinema Secrets Finishing Powder

Setting sprays helps with the longevity aspect in my opinion. You don't have to do this step if you get a good setting powder. Or you could do both to make the makeup last even longer. Spraying before makeup is another way of priming. Spraying the face before the makeup application will gave the makeup something to adhere to. Setting it after everything is done will eliminate that powdery matte affect so it will make it like your actual skin.

Type of setting sprays
Urban decay All Nighter setting spray
Urban Decay D Slick setting spray
Ben Nye Final Seals Matte Setting Spray
Skindinavia Setting spray all of them
Model in a Bottle

These are just some good ones to name a few of what good experiences I have had. Of course every brand has their own but some are not always good. I like to use ones made for stage because those types of sprays are made to make makeup last in heavy lighting during sweat matches because of the humidity of lighting and long working hours. I also heard, even though its not good, that hair spray is also a good makeup setter.

Setting your make up makes a big difference and if makeup lasting all day is something you want to do, then check some of the items mention out because I'm pretty sure everybody who wears makeup wants it to.
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