Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Primer 101

First step of makeup application is a face primer. Primers work as the barrior between the skin and foundation. Depending which type of primer is used, the product could make the other products like foundations glide on the skin more evenly for a smoother canvas to work on. Some think primers don't do anything and others can't go with out it. Some foundations come seperately with a primer meant to go with that specific foundation.

What primers could do for the face
Filling in pores
Creating a barrior between the skin and makeup
Control shine
Makes makeup last longer
Color correct
Have skin care benefits such as moisturizing the skin or having spf
Brightens the skin

Primers liked, both drugstore and high-end
Monistat chafing cream Is silicone based
Milk of Magnisia controls oil is a liquid like consistansy
Tart Clean Slate Flawless and Poreless flawless is cream based for brightening affect and poreless is a pore filler
Smash Box Photo Ready primers come in all types uses
Mac Prep and Prime oil control primer controls oil
Mac Fix Plus to moisten and freshen the skin.

All these primes above  each come with a different consistency. All claim to make makeup last longer. They could act as different purposes depending on what you are going for such getting a dewy affect by using a primer with reflects of sparkle in it. Depending on skin type like oily, combination, or dry, will these primers work well with your skin and makeup. These are some of the primers I have used for my skin and I have combination. They work well for me.

So before u think about putting your foundation on check some of these out see if it works. If there is a primer that comes with the foundation, buy them together because its meant to work with your foundation so it will last longer.....

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