Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Makeup Setting 101

When first jumping into makeup, everybody including me thinks it is just eye shadow, blush and foundation. Well foundation has a tendency to become very shiny and oily if not set properly. That is where setting your makeup plays a huge part in its longevity. When I do my makeup, I don't want to have to touch up through out the day and a good makeup setting method helps out a lot.

Types of ways to set your makeup 
Powder after foundation
Setting spay applied before and after makeup application

Always powder after foundation. Because of the oils and pores that happen to exist on our faces, any type of  liquid foundation will just blend and create more oils causing the makeup to fade through out the day. When set with powder, the foundation gets locked it to place. This is still recommended for those who have dry skin, just apply to the t zones because that is the area most likely to shine first and the most.

Types of setting powders
Mac Mineralized Skin Finishing Holy Grail!! 
Ben Nye Luxury Powders
Cinema Secrets Finishing Powder

Setting sprays helps with the longevity aspect in my opinion. You don't have to do this step if you get a good setting powder. Or you could do both to make the makeup last even longer. Spraying before makeup is another way of priming. Spraying the face before the makeup application will gave the makeup something to adhere to. Setting it after everything is done will eliminate that powdery matte affect so it will make it like your actual skin.

Type of setting sprays
Urban decay All Nighter setting spray
Urban Decay D Slick setting spray
Ben Nye Final Seals Matte Setting Spray
Skindinavia Setting spray all of them
Model in a Bottle

These are just some good ones to name a few of what good experiences I have had. Of course every brand has their own but some are not always good. I like to use ones made for stage because those types of sprays are made to make makeup last in heavy lighting during sweat matches because of the humidity of lighting and long working hours. I also heard, even though its not good, that hair spray is also a good makeup setter.

Setting your make up makes a big difference and if makeup lasting all day is something you want to do, then check some of the items mention out because I'm pretty sure everybody who wears makeup wants it to.

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