Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Brow Shape 101

Brows are the frames of the face. So knowing how to achieve perfect brows is going to be hard if it is not shaped right. Brows not only make the face stand out, it also makes eyeshadow makeup look cleaner. The type of brow shape one wants to create is the perfect arched brow. It took me a lot of YouTube tuts to get this down. Its not easy because most don't know how to shape their brows. One could get his or her brows done but it will cost money. Learning how to self shape my brows, saves me money and time. It also prepares me to the direction of how I want to actually do them when I fill them in.

Brow shape guide

Grooming the brows consists of
Getting them threaded or self threaded
Razor Blade (Could be dangerous if never done on own before)

Methods I personally use
Razor Blade

Types of Brow shapes
Thick arched brows makes one look younger
Thin arched brows makes one look older

Some drugstores carry little brow kits like stencils of different shapes with tweezers. Stencils act as a guide to the type of shape one wants to achieve. I don't use this method but I bought it just to see what different types of brow shapes work for me. Personal I do them all types but I tend to favor thick arched brows without filling them in "yet".I will go into depth about filling the brows in with my advanced brows 101 post.

So take a look at your brows and see if you could achieve a perfect brow shape of your own. If your satisfied with the shape. Time to fill them in.......

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