Monday, April 1, 2013

Makeup 101 series

I am going to start a series of the knowlegde I have gained through out the years of learning makeup. It will consist of the the basics makeup techniques and advance makeup techniques. This will relate to all skin tones especially women of color being me of course. I point that out because being a woman of color, there is not a lot of choices of color for deeper skin tones. Hopefully this series will help that too.

Basics makeup techniques
Primer 101
Foundation 101
Concealer 101
Makeup Setting 101
Brow shape 101

This is what has to be talked about and learned before the advanced makeup techniques.

Advanced makeup techniques
Contour 101
Highlighting 101 done this post
Advanced brows 101
Lashes 101
Eyeshadow 101
Eyeliner 101

I  will go in depth with each topic giving the information and techniques I have learned.

So Stay tuned!!!!

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