Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lips 101

Lips are more so like eye shadow to me, it is an accessory to your look. I tend to make it look trendy but I do focus more on my complexion like foundation, blush, and bronzer before I think about eye shadow or lipstick. Once my complexion is set, the lips will bring it all together for me. The lips also could go with the undertone system. Once you know your undertone, you
could kind of play with lippies that best fit your complexion.

Different Types Lip products
Lip stains have a dry formula that sets into the lips 
Lipsticks comes in creamy to matte formulas
Liquid lipsticks are like lip stains
Lip glosses could be sheer or highly pigmented
Lip liner makes an unworkable lip look work better and last longer
Lip balms could come tinted but are meant to moisturize the lips

Personally I have the most chapped out dry lips ever! So prepping for lip products is a must for me. It is recommended if you have dry lips as well because if you put lip products to lips and it isn't prepped properly, it will have a cracked out uneven bleeding affect and that is no bueno okay!!!

Lip Prepping
Lip conditioner
Lip balm
Lip exfoliatant

Mac sells wonderful lip prepping products in their prep and prime line. 

My Prep product
Esos lip balm
Mac lip conditioner
Vitamin E oil
Now this will just make any lipstick or lip gloss glide on better. Play with lip products to achieve the look you  want.

Best Lip Products
Mac lipsticks
Amour beauty lip gloss
Mac Lip glasses
Lime Crime lipsticks
Mabelline vivid sensational lipsticks
Ka'ior Lipsticks 
Wet n Wild mega last lipsticks
BitchSlap Cosmetics Lipsticks
Obsessive Compulsive  Lip Tars

Could be sheered down or intensified for a more bolder look.

Favorite lipstick of the moment Mac in Snob very popular below with Mac Saint Germane lip glass. 
                                                       Time for some Lipstick Hunting!!!

Eye Candy

Dope what one could achieve but this is art to me.......

Can't even credit these but still sooo amazing I had to share!!!!!

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