Sunday, April 21, 2013

Must Have Products in Makeup collection series

Some of the women I talk to who start to get into makeup, wants to know where to start at building a makeup collection. Now unless you could afford to go to a makeup counter which is usually high-end, you could get your makeup fully done and test out your product with experienced makeup artists. That could run your pocket empty. Most of us have to live with in our means but still look high-end. I'm going to give a few suggestions and really awesome quality budget friendly makeup brands to start out with in this series.

We all start out buying things and not knowing what to do or how to use it. Then we get upset because we never end up using what we brought from the results of not knowing what to buy. I'm going to suggest what to buy and what to look for when buying makeup for a well put together everyday look.

What to look in first time getting makeup at a drugstore 
Setting powder or translucent powder to match the foundation
Color brightening concealer not just concealer because drugstores concealers are not very good!!
Brown and gold eye shadow for every brand or shimmer shadows because drugstore matte shadows are always less pigmented
Brow pencils

Through out these series of topics, I will discuss what to look for in drugstore makeup and a happy addition to your makeup collection. Bare in mind, of course not all of us will have the same results with these products. It still good to try to see what works best for your skin. I will still finish off my makeup 101 series but in between this series.

Lets Start it out with foundations..

Good drugstore Foundations

L'Oreal True Match Super Bendable Foundation

Great undertone system, Awesome color range, Medium to full coverage

Revlon Color Stay Foundation

Dupe for Mac most popular foundation, Full coverage, Decent color range

Cover-girl Queen Collection oil-free Moisturizing foundation

Women of color friendly, Light-weight

Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse Foundation

Full Coverage, Very Bendable

Black Opal Stick Foundation

Women of color friendly, Full Coverage

Will update because I haven't tried them all but this is a great start. Stick around for this series for all makeup starters.

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