Sunday, April 14, 2013

Advanced brow 101

Once you get a feel of how your actual brows are shaped, you could play with different products to create the perfect brows. I'm a brow perfectionist to the point where it has to look sharp before I do anything else. It could be simple if you have the perfect arched brows already but if your brows are non existent the creating a shape could be a pain.

Now different products to use for brows
Gel liner
Brow pencil
eye shadow

Gel liner could be tricky but its the best because of how matte the color is against the skin that a brow pencil could sometimes lack and eye shadow brings a little realness to the brow hairs that would be covered either by the gel liner or pencil.

Choose a color at least a shade lighter then your natural hair color to get a natural look. The darker the color, the bolder or faker the brows will look.

I use purple on my brows and it looks pretty dope to me natural looking or not its how you like them to be...

Products I use
Mac brunette brow gel liner
Mac dip down gel liner
physicians formula shimmer stack gel liners
Sugar pills poison plum eye shadow to achieve purple brows
Wet n wild brow pencil in dark brown

Spoolie or mascara wand brush
angled brush

Once the shape is created with the products of choice, its time to clean up any mess from the products used by applying concealer on around the brows.

The concealer trick is very tricky to work with because it could alter your original shape created with the products used. Also when concealing the top of the brows, it is important to use a concealer or foundation the same color as your skin tone to give it that natural clean look. For the bottom part of the brows, it is good to use a concealer 2 shades lighter to create a brow bone highlight.

Brows take a little time to get right but once I did, it makes the eyes look more cleaner. I love to play with color on my brows. Practice makes perfect as I practice all the time.

My filled-in eyebrow


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