Monday, December 23, 2013

POP of color and Ombre lips EXPLOSION!!!!!!

So I decided to change up my look with this pop of blue teal on the water line which is considered a pop of color if everything else is neutrul but as you could see it pops through all the colors anyway. I love this look soo much. I have not seen this done before in my "eyes".

Pop of color acheiveable looks.
Its to make a really bright color add to the face to only pop out from the rest.

Colors that are bright and awesome 
purple of course
lime green
any bright but those are most used colors above

Places to pop that
water line (both top or bottom)

Products could use
creamy based eyeliners
gel liners

Lavander and pink ombre lip and teal liner

Main point you could do what I do or make everything nuetrul and put focus by popping color in that area

Ombre lips are simple

Ombre lips are any two opposite colors blended on the lips to create a gradiate affect.

I usually use any of the above products too. Eyeshadows and gel liners intensify the lip color and the I apply a lighter color and contour and highlight the lips.

Happy Holidays and bring a splash of color in your life!!!!! xoxo

beautiful vision of the world of me and Lisa Frank
Life Love And Joy Happiness and fulfillment to all. lightworks : )

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