Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Brushes 101

 Lets talk about brushes. 

Makeup brushes are an essential, an artist's tools to achieving a proper makeup application. Let me tell you, the better the brushes, the easier and better your makeup will look. From cheap but really well formed brushes, to the brushes that are worth every penny, I will go through a list of ones I've tried and love and want to get. I  will also talk about types of brushes and what they are used for.

Types Of Brushes
Animal Hair- Needs to be washed frequently, absorbs more product and better for blending because of the softness
Synthetic Hair- More affordable, Stiff, and don't absorb so much product, less shedding

Types of Face Brushes
Blush Brush- used for blush
Tulip Brush- used to contour
Flat top brush- used for powder
foundation brush- foundation
kabuki brush- blending it all together
Fan Brush- highlight the face and knock off eye shadow fall out

Types of Eye Shadow Brushes
small angled brush- applying brow color to brows and shaping brows
eye shadow brush- packing on eye shadow
blending brush- used for everything, comes big or small
spoolie- combing out brow hairs
small contour brush- contouring nose, eye socket, crease
small and large crease brush- applying color crease in the eye

All these brushes have multiple use so I don't go by type really but some are really good for what I described them for.

Now also what is a great secret to use is craft brushes and nail brushes from eBay because of the stiffness and how small they made, easily fits to the eye and awesome for eyeliner application.

Great Brushes from affordable to expensive
E.L.F. Brushes
Bh Cosmetics Brushes
Eco Tools Brushes
Real Technique Brushes
Crown Brushes
Coastal Scents Brushes
Sedona Lace Brushes
Sigma Brushes
Mac Brushes

Brushes are good tools to have and the better quality, long lasting and easier application.

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