Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tips On Colored Lashes

How cool would it be to have purple lashes. The art in makeup artistry is finding different ways of creating things that aren't normally what they are but look so real that possibly purple lashes could exist?! There are colored mascaras out but never really intense colored ones. I have found some different ways to achieve colored lashes. How to get it is simple and easy. Hopefully you could try too.

Heres some fun tricks 
Do regular mascara first, top or bottom, take your favorite colored eyeliner and apply two coats on your lashes.
Take any mixing medium or eye sealer and add your choice of any color eye shadow to it, then take a spoolie brush that looks like a mascara wand and apply two coats to your lashes.

Easy and Simple way to jazz up a neutral look.

 Its a cool trick! Fun and Easy!!!

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