Friday, May 24, 2013

Reasons why I love makeup and beauty

                                                                                                               Well I got into makeup back in high school. I would always look at the magazines with all these pretty pictures and every time I found a look I'd like, I would try to do redo it but it wouldn't look the same. I wanted to know how that makeup artist did it. I one day want to achieve those magazine looks that I would stare at for hours thinking wow how,what, where, and why. So I would just practice until I got it. Over the years as I got better, I just grew to love what being in the beauty industry stood for. I see myself as and all around artist who just enjoys creating different things. I get so excited when discover something new, whether it be a new brand I found out or a makeup trick. 



One way I would discover these brands and how to perfect my techniques was from searching You tube from popular Gurus like
QueenOf Blending

And I mean I would tone in and try to soak up all that information because to me they are very impressive. And I admire those who could create something I could be inspired by.

I do think that being a makeup artist with in the industry, I feel that there is a type of artist. I would Consider myself a detailed makeup artist because I tend to pay attention to precision and detail like my brows. If you take a look at my brows, they look very precise and any other makeup artist with defined precise brows, that really means they are perfectionists and pay really close attention to detail. That takes practice and experience so not everybody is gonna just learn how to achieve the best brows but it looks good when learned.

It just fascinated me with all the eye shadow looks and all these neat tricks I was learning. This is definitely my passion. I love talking about different products and taking makeup look pictures so I created a beauty Blog to teach and give some cool links to these brands that a lot of us women don't know about.

I will stay working for hours on my posts and its like therapy for me. I relax and put on the style network like Jersylious, House Wives, or any of the Kardashian shows because their makeup always looks so perfect and just develop ideas and looks. Same thing when doing my makeup in the morning. It takes me 45 mins tops but I take my time and take longer because its literally my sanctuary.

I Love it sooo much. This is truly my passion and in the future I will always be doing my blog and creating looks and trends because it is so exciting to me. I love learning and getting inspired by all types of things that are different, I try to apply it somehow in my world or my Blog and Tumblr even. This blog is literally me and I wouldn't of designed it any other way.
I do it for me and anyone willing to Listen and look at the fun pictures I enjoy taking for my posts. I will always try to come up with creative posts because creating is something I love and that is why I don't  always do the same look; )

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