Sunday, May 12, 2013

Artist Tip and My very 1st Giveaway!!

Makeup Artist Tip for Bright eye makeup........

So when wearing bright eye shadow colors, remember to always mute the lips. Your main focus is the eyes that you would want to draw attention to. So a nice nude lip would do the trick. Bright eye makeup is fun and a way to gain your skill. To learn all about eye shadow application, refer to my Eyeshadow 101 post.

 Now makeup has no rules really. I'll do bold lips and bold eyes when I want to get a little "Sasha Fierce" referencing beys alter ego ha ha. But to get your point across with your eyes, you don't want to get crazy everywhere else. Same thing with a bold lip, you would go for neutral eyes.

                                     Giveaway Time!!!

This Giveaway is simple. Its a nice little way of showing support : )!!!!! I will be giving away a Bh cosmetics 1st Edition palette so you could create all types of looks!!! and some fun Lashsssssss by Red Cherries my fav!!!! and some Glitter pigments from Bh cosmetics..... all for creating your own cool trendy looks!!!..
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OPEN TILL June 20th!!!!!
Open U.S. only but future giveaways will be international!


  1. Hii! I found your blog from BeautyLish and I love your blog! I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog for a chance to win a MAC lipstick of your choice. Entry only requires following my blog & liking my facebook page.
    Stop by my blog sometime :)

  2. I have liked you on facebook, instagram, and subscribed to your blog. It's hard to find blogs for darker skin black women so I will definitely be a frequent visitor.

    1. Yay!!!! Your sweet. Thank you yes please stay toned, I try to include in general and specificly for us women of color because its hard and I appreciate the support!!: )


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