Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Makeup Must Have Series: Drugstore Edition- Concealers

Now when it comes to drugstore makeup, I have the tendency to look for everything but concealers. The reason why is because a really good drugstore brand concealer is hard to come by. Through out the years, I have notice a lot of the drugstore brands are starting to become more high-end quality. This is very good for those of use who are on a budget.

 Concealer is meant to of course conceal, brighten, and cover any unwanted imperfections such as dark under eye circles, acne marks, and scars. This is going to give a guide in what to look for  in good drugstore concealers out there in the market worth trying out.

Mabelline Fit Me Concealer

Now this is a great concealer, really light weight

Mabelline Instant Age Rewind
This highlighter very good one I always buy the brightener illuminateur, has a lot of pink in it which is great for highlighting.

Hard Candy Glamoflouge concealer
Heavy duty, covers imperfections very well sad part its only seems to be sold at Walmart and limited color selection still if you could get your hands on it, try it out.

Loreal True Match Concealer
Great thing about this concealer is that Loreals true matching system makes it easier for you to choose what is right for you.

Nyx Concealer In A Jar
Dupe for Mac's Studio Finish Concealer, good consistency, has correcting colors such as orange which is great for women of color

La Girl Pro HD Concealer

The least expensive and best out of the bunch. It comes in tons of colors expect the fairest. Be a dupe for the Makeup Forever Full Coverage concealer. I Love it!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I've tried a lot more concealers but these to me are pretty good close to high-end. Some I just use to brighten with but try these and see if they will be add to your makeup collection.


  1. Thank you for the info gf!

    1. Awesome please stay toned for some more!!!


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