Monday, April 15, 2013

Contour 101

Contouring adds dimension back to the face after foundation and powder is set. Foundation has the tendency to make the face look flat. Every face shape has natural shadow that hits certain areas without makeup, contouring brings those shadows out. Contouring could make the forehead look small, could change the size of the nose, and bring out the natural bone structure of the face.

When contouring, you could either use cream or powder products.

When choosing the right contour color, it should be at least 2 to 3 shades darker the actual skin tone too dark on lighter skin could look muddy. Darker complexions should use like a deep purple or very deep brown color as a contour.

Where to contour
hollows of the cheeks appears more shaped
sides of the nose makes the nose look smaller
temples of forehead and hairline makes the forehead look smaller
crease of the eyelids to make the eyelids appear more smaller
below the jaw line to make the chin look smaller

Contour Face Chart

Every makeup brand should carry contouring products. Some drugstores do but those don't have a lot of opinions to work with compared to high-end makeup brands.

Some I like to use
Sleek dark contour kit comes in light and medium
coastal scents contour highlighting palette all types of skin tones
cover girl queen collection bronzer in ebony bronze has another lighter shade
black radiance blusher in brasin
la femme blush in purple passion deeper complexions
mac blush in blunt

Contouring is the best way to manipulate the features of the face. I personally don't contour so I can't show pics but I bronze with those products above by lightly applying the colors ONLY to the hollows of my cheeks. I love contouring results on others when I do their makeup but it tends to look weird on me. Still I would recommend trying it out see how it works for you. Don't have to do all areas, just the areas of the face you would like to appear smaller.

Happy Contouring!!!!!

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