Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Eyeshadow 101

"The eyes are the windows to the soul"


Eye shadow is another way of expression. You could tell a lot about a look by looking at the eye makeup. If I'm feeling neutral, I'd go for a little bit of face powder on the lids with lashes and white eyeliner on the waterline. Colorful looks are more of what some may think could be too dramatic but I think its another way expressing ones style rather than a neural eye look.

Types of shadow textures

Now what are considered neutral shades
 Skin tone colors such as Browns and Beiges

 Good nuetral palettes
Urban Decay Naked Palettes
Urban Decay Naked Basics
Bh Cosmetics Neutral Palette
Lorac Pro Palettes

Neutral shades could be left alone for a more natural look or blended with colors as transitions for a smooth well blended dramatic look.

We all have oily lids so when we do eye shadows without any of those steps below, your eye shadow won't last or remain as vibrant as you did it in the morning. Have you ever brought an eye shadow that looks really vibrant in the pan but once you put it on you lids it doesn't look as nice, that's because you need a base.

How to get eye shadows to look more pigmented and to not crease or fade.
First step is to use a eye primer to get the eye shadows to last and not crease or fade though out the day.

Great Eye Primers
ELF Mineral Eye Primer
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Urban Decay Primer Potions
Mac Paint Pots

Next after applying the primer to the lid, use a white base or a colored base so the shadows colors could stick and appear more vibrant.

  Good Bases
Mac's Paintpots could be used as a primer and a base and it allows the shadows to stay vibrant throught the day
NYX Jumbo Pencil in milk is a white colored base that allows the colors to appear better
Gel Liners are good because they lay on the lid to allow the eyeshadows to stick to it better
Maybelline Color Tattoos comes in all types of colors and are pigmented on their own also claimed to be dupes for Mac's Paintpots

Ok Now Great brands to buy eyeshadows
Inglot Cosmetic
Bh Cosmetics
Coastal Scents
Mac Cosmetics
Urban Decay
Wet n Wild
Sugarpill Cosmetics
Lime Crime Cosmetics
 Bitch Slap Cosmetics

I have a ton of neutral looks soo let's see my Dramatic look using the steps I mentioned above. From a neutral transition color that allows a cleaner well blended look.

Create looks that complement 
your style!!


  1. Nice post! Very informative :)
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