Friday, April 19, 2013

# Fav Brand Rave on BH Cosmetics

Great High quality makeup for makeup artist and beginners at an affordable price. BH cosmetics is a go to Brand for all makeup artist and makeup lovers. I have Bh cosmetics in my makeup kit and personal makeup collection. They also have awesome sales weekly with combined offers and individual offers. Great for starting up makeup kits.

BH cosmetics offers
High Quality affordable makeup brushes
High Quality affordable makeup palettes like, concealer, blush, eye shadow palettes
Great Wide color range of high quality affordable foundations
Great Primers
Fast Low Shipping and Handling

Please Click the top image to be directed to the site for all kinds of sales being offered daily.

120 Color Palette 1st Edition

One of the many palettes I own from Bh cosmetics is the 120 color Palette 1st Edition.

Product Pros
2 layers of Gorgeous colors
high pigmentation
Very affordable
Nice Sleek cover palette travel friendly

There are many 120 palettes but I find Bh cosmetics 120 palettes are more of the high quailty ones that I happen to prefer, with a few other great brands, over the other 120 palettes being sold.

I have created so many looks with this palette and also convenient because of the color range is all in one palette. You could find tons of gorgeous looks on Youtube by searching Bh Cosmetics 120 palette. Also known to be one of the brands best sellers.

Please click on the image of the 120 Palette to see what sale offer they have on it today. Originally sold for $29.95, brought mines for $19.95 and Love it!!!!

Going to see me talk about Bh cosmetics products all the time on here in the future because they just make some very awesome stuff with great deals to match.

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