Saturday, April 6, 2013

Kat Von D Liquid Lover Lipstick in Backstage Bambi

Backstage bambi looks neon in this pic
All I got to say is candy yum yum what.. which is a bright highlighter pink Mac lipstick that was obsessively talked about among the YouTube beauty guru world. Like a lot of people I was about to fall into the hype until I stumbled upon this baby right here.

Kat Von D Liquid lover lipstick in Backstage Bambi is better than Mac's candy yum yum because its a lipstain that lasts for hours with no need for reapplying. Candy yum yum is a lipstick which won't last as long flakes on my lips and moves around the lips. Kat Von D lipstain doesn't budge even when I eat or drink. My lips don't bleed or flake and that bad boy lasts. It's a matte finish with no shine, highly pigmented. Cost around $22 at my local Sephora. I love love loooove it. Best bright pink lippy ever. Its a little drying on the lips but the color, staying power and matte finish is what matters the most to me at least.Check it out I promise you wont regret it because its amazing!!!!!

On my lips with NYX Purple Rain Lip liner

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  1. Mine crackes up when it dries on lips,do yours do that


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