Friday, April 5, 2013

Lashes 101

Lashes are one of my favorite things to do when I do my makeup.  Even though I consider it advance, its also beginner friendly too. It just brings out the eyes and it makes dramatic eye makeup look more professional if applied correctly. I get asked all the time about my lashes. My found  love with these started back in high school when I was looking for my prom makeup at Mac. I used to use mascara but it would get annoying  because I want the perfect length and volume which was impossible. The brand of mascara was cheap and my lashes was too short. So to eliminate all that, I wanted something fast and easy. The lashes from Mac ended up costing $15 which was so expensive to me for just one pair. But I loved them anyway and bought them all the time. Then I found these huge ones that I got from the local beauty supplies store which was like 2 bucks compared to Mac's lashes.  It has become for me, an added feature to any eye makeup look. There's natural ones, Dramatic long drawn out ones, and then there are whispeys. You could buy them individually or by strip and even get eyelashes extensions.

Strip lashes are beginner friendly and with practice, could look very natural. Tools of use is lash adhesive (usually sold separately or in a set) and tweezers. Could be reused multiple times.

Type of Strip lashes(as mention in intro)
Dramatic Lashes

Natural Lashes

Wispies which are more flared and separated giving a natural thin layer of mascara look.

Duo Adhesive very popular

How to apply strip lashes
Take lash strip and apple the adhesive to it. Wait a little like 30 seconds for it to get tacky (very important to wait) then apply from the middle as close to the lashes line as possible. Then apply eyeliner so it will look more natural. Mascara applied to the actual lashes to blend with the false lashes.

Individual lashes are a little advanced because you need tweezers for that. Usually with strips, you really don't need tweezers. And tweezers with lashes could be a pain. Individuals could be used on the bottom lash line as well. A different type of adhesive is used for individuals because it is applied closer to the lash root so this adhesive won't irritate the eyes.

Eyelash extensions are very convenient but you can't take them off or sleep right. The average price is $30 and it could last for up to a month. I personally like taking my lashes off at night so I don't do this to often and I am not dropping $30 a month when I could get a set of strips with adhesive for $5...

My Favorite Brands
Red Cherries
No name beauty supply store ones

Lashes has been a staple look for years now. I personal love them all. See how it enhances the eyes with each look.

Left eye no lashes and Right eye with Red cherries #101

So if your tired of your mascara pulling your eyelashes out and random clumping..... Get that false lash game right...

                       You won't ever see me without them... well probably won't ha!


  1. Your blog is freaking AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad I found it as a fellow brown girl! Great layout, pictures, so clean! I loooove it!!!!

    1. Thank you for the love and hope you stick around for some more cool stuff!


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